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    Moxie on NTS

    back to the drawing board

    wow it’s september, what a vibe. life has been messy, but yesterday I hunkered down with some actual markers and paper to just vibe on some character art for a while. I’ve been feeling a bit stuck on the character art for the game. I know how the characters all look but figuring out how to do that stylistically has been dodgy. I’ve been having fun with the high concept character art promos, but that’s just for fun, not the real look for the game.

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    I Puritani

    seeking a calm finality

    this morning I made a miscalculation by putting on My Best Fiend as something to watch while having a coffee and eggs. it was personally brutal to see some of the same strange places* I went to in Peru a few years ago in a happier moment, but I needed to stop watching 90 Day Fiance for a hot minute and turn on my brain a bit.

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    Club OSTaku

    emily the eternal

    Emily is the last character to have concept art (though not the last I’m sharing here). in some ways her character is similar to O’Malley in that it means something less obvious that has made her harder to pin down.

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    Goo - Sonic Youth

    so is it PJ or O'Malley?

    it’s hard to conceive of how does it make you feel? as having an antagonist. there aren’t any parents or teachers except in the secondhand, and the stakes are pretty low. everyone will graduate, and even the heavy shit is still just a prelude to adulthood. Meaghan and O’Malley are as close to dramatic tension as it gets.

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    Playground Love - Air

    daniel just doesn't stand a chance

    this project started about a year ago (wow, woof) when I was doing a course on making personal games at the School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe. obviously this game is very personal, but it specifically originated from a prompt from Bahiyya Khan to make a game inspired by a My Chemical Romance song.

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    How Does It Make You Feel? - Air

    so where does the name come from?

    I am super bad at titles and maybe this one is not good but it came to me easily. it’s ripped from the headlines, basically.

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    Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

    introducing Molly

    a few months ago there was an interesting thread on r/otomegames about self-insert romance games vs. ones with a clear protagonist. it’s an interesting question of intention and maybe draws the line between a “dating sim” otome and a cinematic one. fwiw I enjoy playing both, as much as I don’t really self-identify with the self-insert style ever. I still feel like I’m role playing, rather than seeing myself in a story.

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    Cars - Gary Numan

    drawing cars flipping sux

    I’m still chugging along on the script and some research into tools, but I wanted to document some of the other work I’ve done so far on this project! now that the script is starting to flesh out to a point where I’m ready to storyboard, I’ve also been revisiting some of the test artwork I made earlier this year, back when I was thinking about using Ren’py.

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    Cease2xist - Ladytron

    delete yourself

    so the script is sort of done. or, the script for the narrative part of the demo is done. next up is more of an interactive scene that will be more driven by choice and variables, but I want to at least sketch out the UI for that to add as reference in the pure Ink version. but I think I’ve figured out how to add images in general, so I’ve dropped in the background art for a couple of scenes in this build as well. doesn’t really work as a vibe but starts to work as a reference I guess.

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    Mellow Gold

    yo soy un perdedor

    lots of things on my mind this week that probably deserve more attention very soon, but in the meantime I’ve finally written out the second chunk of the demo script. This time we swap bodies and relive the same day through another set of eyes.

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    Teen Planet - Patrick Cowley

    delight and dark star

    so I have never been a “fear of the blank page” person. I always have too many ideas and not enough time or money. but here I have time, and I’m doing ok on the money, so why the writer’s block? it’s a performance anxiety more than anything. how do you keep persuading yourself you’re as clever as you think you are in order to finish a thing?

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    playgrounds in space

    I went up to PS1 MoMA a few days ago because a friend had recommended the Niki de Saint Phalle exhibition and another friend I haven’t seen in ages lives sort of close to it. I had gone to 3 other museums the same week, the Whitney, the Met, and the Brooklyn Museum, and the Saint Phalle show was the first thing that felt happy. not all happy, but delirious and joyful in many moments.

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    Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash

    so, how does it make you feel?

    it’s funny to have spent so much time on a thing and feel like, ok now how the hell do I write about it? I have been writing about it, of course. I keep an extremely tedious personal journal (pro-tip: personal journals are great if u ever have legal trouble with an employer! write down all the shit u do!), and over the course of working on this project, most of it to date has been writing. this includes writing promotional text and applying for grants and residencies, so there’s already a lot of stuff I can just copypasta and have weeks of a dev log here. but clearly I am an excellent verbal procrastinator and like, good at blocking myself. so maybe here, I will just begin in the moment, and all the past work will start to unfold.