How does it make you feel? is an otome-style visual novel with a comical y2k-era setting and a twist. you won’t just play as the typical teen protagonist - instead, you’ll body swap with your friends, your classmates, even your crush as you try your best to balance everyone’s feelings and hormones. the more you’re aloof with your crush, the more he crushes on you… but if everyone is playing it cool, no one gets asked to prom!

this game has everything: top 8 drama, cringe-y Livejournal posts, T9, French homework, and intimate conversations with your Discman. think: Peggy Sue Got Married, but at the turn of the millennium, set in Baltimore, and maybe Peggy actually ends up with that girl she met at a punk show.

who am I?

I’m Martha, an artist and technologist with a journeyman’s approach to commercial digital products and conceptual art. you can learn more about me here.