it’s funny to have spent so much time on a thing and feel like, ok now how the hell do I write about it? I have been writing about it, of course. I keep an extremely tedious personal journal (pro-tip: personal journals are great if u ever have legal trouble with an employer! write down all the shit u do!), and over the course of working on this project, most of it to date has been writing. this includes writing promotional text and applying for grants and residencies, so there’s already a lot of stuff I can just copypasta and have weeks of a dev log here. but clearly I am an excellent verbal procrastinator and like, good at blocking myself. so maybe here, I will just begin in the moment, and all the past work will start to unfold.

so what is on the docket? I’ve been working on the first chunk of my demo script in Inky. I chose Inky over Twine in the end because the formatting feels like it will play nicer with the paths I might take for the actual playable demo of the visual novel.

It’s just the first side of it, and barely formatted, but it’s good to put something out there. I might put more effort into at least breaking it out how I imagine the flow to be in the final game, but we’ll see. I just want it to be out in the world for a minute.

so, without further ado, check out the v1.0 build here.