I’m still chugging along on the script and some research into tools, but I wanted to document some of the other work I’ve done so far on this project! now that the script is starting to flesh out to a point where I’m ready to storyboard, I’ve also been revisiting some of the test artwork I made earlier this year, back when I was thinking about using Ren’py.

a lot of the gameplay will take place in very liminal spaces. a really essential teen experience is that feeling of not really having physical privacy. you’re at school, or in your parents’ house, or in public spaces. for a #typicalAmericanteen, having your own car is a particular exception to this - there’s the freedom of being able to MOVE but also the freedom of having a place where you can sit and eat McDonald’s without someone giving you shit about it. so of course there have to be some cars in the game.

imo it’s really important to capture some specificity about these types of spaces. as much as it matters that Molly has a candy iMac and Daniel has a Dell, it matters that Emily’s car is an old beat-up Honda Accord and Daniel’s is a hand-me-down Volvo. so a few months ago I spent a buttload of time looking up references of old Hondas, to try and get it right. I eventually lucked into some bonafide concept art of the very Honda Accord I am determined that Emily should own.

bless u autoevolution.com

so what then? I painstakingly redrew the whole flipping car over a backdrop based on my actual literal high school building from Baltimore.

lol drawing in perspective sux even w/ references and tracing

next I quickly sketched in the color palette to get a sense if it “worked.” this is a backdrop that shouldn’t overpower the character art, but I wanted it to feel right. another inspiration I looked to was my beloved Sailor Moon. sailormoonscenery.tumblr.com is a frequent go-to when I need some inspiration.

original Sailor Moon background art my sketchy imitation

and then? another buttload of time carefully painting under the line art and playing with tints and overlays to give it that right 90’s anime vibe….

ta da!

ok time to cover this all up with text overlays and character art!!!! :sweat_smile:

oh wait, I still had to draw the INSIDE of Emily’s car. :skull:

it’s also very important that Emily’s air freshener is Badtz Maru (from Hot Topic obvi)