I am super bad at titles and maybe this one is not good but it came to me easily. it’s ripped from the headlines, basically.

hokay, so, there’s that song by Air. if you don’t know it, the video is creepy and worth a watch. it’s very much a relic of a time when everyone was washed out, wearing beige sacks, hair-gelled to hell, and lost in sterile liminal spaces. (just you wait, there will definitely be some very y2k aesthetic influences on the horizon for the game.)

so this song, basically it consists of a male-ish computer voice reading out a very needy ramble about how he and his love are meant to be, against all odds. and after about 3 minutes of this, he finally asks, “so, how does this make you feel?”

the answer is a wonderful punchline, and reminds me of a moment when I fully and completely lost my crush on my high school crush. this was after we’d left high school, but we were still going to college in the same city. he had picked me up to take me to a show downtown.

there was a moment in Baltimore where a lot of cities had started to have indoor smoking bans, but Baltimore was lagging, probably because Maryland is a tobacco state. sometimes bands from other cities would tour through town and request that venues be non-smoking for the night. this was one such night.

after a whole host of tedious moments, my non-date almost got kicked out of Sonar (RIP) for trying to sneak a cigarette between acts. I was there for the music, and he was just letting me down. I don’t want to spoil what went down because I will definitely be ripping some of the dialogue for the game, but I always think of that strange, petty moment whenever I hear that song.